See Where Our Beef Comes From

From Farm All our beef comes from local farmer Tim Johnson at Stokes Marsh Farm, Coulston, just nine miles from Devizes from his herd of outstanding Aberdeen Angus and Hereford crosses. Tim focuses on excellent animal husbandry and welfare, using natural feed and not rushing animal growth. We select heifers which make for great beef […]

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Bacon Jam Recipe

Introduction Believe it or not we make everything that comes out of our kitchen in our kitchen. We have a strong belief that when you put time, effort and creativity into food then the results are always going to be worth the effort. We spend our days fermenting, pickling, braising, pressing and marinating. What comes out […]

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How We Started

Burger Theory has been built from the ground up with real grass roots, powered by an insatiable quest for better, fresher and more creative burgers. Founded in 2012 by chef Rory Perriment he began experimenting with different recipes inspired by world cuisine and realised he wanted to challenge the boundaries of what can go in […]

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